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The Reserve Roosters

A fantasy football team of lunatic goblins

Make way for the Reserve Roosters!

The Reserve Roosters are a manifested caricature and the debut team of our little studio Manifested Miniatures.

These guys are the last ones you would want to send on the pitch - and yet here they are. Are you up to lead this bunch of loosers and wannabes to a single win?

Find out and get your bunch of fools today.

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There is more to come

The Roosters are only the beginning. We plan to make some more minatures for the team and hope to have more teams for fantasy football in the future. Keep an eye out for more from Manifested Miniatures!

Feedback wanted

Let us know what you think about the crazy bunch!
Ask about anything, tell us what you want us to manifest next, your favorite colors for goblin skin.
Whatever it is, we want to know :)

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